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KOSOVO, ready for you to visit

‘I don’t like to miss that beautiful early morning light. It could be summer, or even winter. You feel like you’re on top of the world. Surrounded by great energy, breathtaking landscapes… – visiting Kosovo is easier than you think. It’s an adventure ready for you to live. The day starts with a warm welcome and impeccable coffee. You can be anywhere! An old mosque, a church, a monastery… or a plane. A mountain-top, a lake, a cave or a waterfall. A festival!? Any kind of dancing, or just singing from dusk till dawn. Are you ready for the challenge? You may call it a vibrant diverse country, and so it is. Kosovo, ready for you.’

Paper Communications has created a brand for the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Promotion Agency, used to promote Kosovo as a business destination for investment, exports and tourism. The newly created brand is unique and easily recognizable for the public in general and specifically for entrepreneurs, potential investors and tourists.

In addition to other communication materials and the campaign, as part of the ‘Kosovo, ready for you’ campaign, Paper Communications has developed three one minute long videos to promote tourism, trade and investments while series of shorter videos were created to promote local success stories. The project was made available for Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency and UNDP.