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Paper Communications is an integrated communications agency in Kosovo that operates in the region. Our broad services enable our clients to address all their communication needs through only one point of contact.

Our approach to communications has reshaped and revolutionized the advertising, PR, media, and design, industries in the region by always using novel and creative ways to achieve tasks. We create and shape public perception of brands and people in line with strategic goals.

The reputation of our clients is the primary concern in every strategy that we employ. We aim to always create the best solution, by taking into account efficient resource management and plan execution time.

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of how
Paper Communications
came to be.

Created in 2009, Paper Communications began its journey to become the first communications agency in Kosovo. Initially, operations were split between Albania and Kosovo. Later, because the region is small and reachable, offices were kept only in Kosovo.

Before Paper Communications there were no communications agencies in Kosovo. Strategies were created and communications were done internally. By servicing the biggest clients in the region, Paper Communications showed the market that it is possible to have a specialized team manage all communications externally.

Since then, our work has expanded to include more business sectors and opportunities have increased. Doors were opened for new communications agencies to try and emulate what Paper does.







Among other things, the best known use of paper is to present the written word. Some people are born with the talent of expressing themselves uniquely, which gives them the upper hand in commanding attention to their verses. So, if you’ve written at least 2 worldwide bestsellers, consider yourself hired. On the other hand, if you can show that you are able to achieve such an easy accomplishment, but have never bothered because nobody reads books anymore, let us know, and we’ll give you a worldwide audience.


Paper by its nature is designed to be a visual object. It serves the purpose of facilitating the delivery of works of art. Do you use paint brushes, colours, oils and pigments? And can you use that to turn a piece of paper into something breathtaking? Metaphorically, of course, we use software for our work. However, if you think you can make lasting impressions on paper, and make a blank piece into a work of art, then feel free to get our attention.


You may have an idea what to do with your life, but do you know where to begin? If you’re the kind of person that is into advertising, communications, or generally want to feel alive, then you might be interested in tasting a bit of Paper.

Right now, Paper Communications is looking for a couple of energetic interns who want to experience the inner workings of awesomeness! Your next step involves the words ‘CV’ and ’email’. Figure it out.