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Paper brings international awards closer to our clients

Not long ago, our clients have received awards for their corporate social responsibility programs. Some of these awards were directly linked to the products of Paper Media and Communications, developed and implemented for our clients. We always aim at developing strategies and products that leave traces and turn positive for the work of our clients. Our client’s success further states the success of our campaigns and our communication strategies.

KEDS Academy, a program of KEDS aiming to build the professional and academic capacities of the young people and help decrease the unemployment of youth in Kosovo, has received four Stevie Awards, one being the silver award for the communication campaign and the relations with the target group and the community, developed by Paper Media and Communications.

On the other hand, Limak Prishtina International Airport “Adem Jashari” has been awarded with 14 different international awards, the majority of them being in the corporate social responsibility program.