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Alb telecom 100 years of independence

Centennial anniversaries are not to be disregarded. Since the average lifespan of human beings is well below that, it is worth celebrating something that human beings create and lasts. ALBtelecom, being one of the oldest companies in the nation and celebrating such an anniversary of its own, was in the best position to communicate a celebratory campaign to the nation.

This opportunity was greeted with no barred expenses and no limits to development. It was custom made from concept to production. The lyrics and the song were produced with one of the best Albanian singers in the world, of course including national folk music motifs. The subjects of the commercial were from heritage sights to a more modern look of scenery and people. This was to reflect the improvement of the whole nation over the past 100 years. The whole message of this campaign was the feeling of satisfaction, honor and joy of the improvement that Albania has undergone the first one hundred years as a nation. The natural reaction to that is to smile, therefore the song and the images say so.