Acquisitions, litigation and business consulting

We provide a variety of acquisition services for existing businesses and also consultancy in the development of new businesses. Our acquisition team is hands on with the latest development trends and is fully capable in business purchase or sale planning, corporate planning, nonprofit corporation planning, corporate governance and in mergers and acquisitions. Paper Media and Communications is professional in friendly negotiations, conducting due diligence reviews, obtaining regulatory and shareholder approvals and in raising the necessary capital. Our recent example with the wind energy producers in Kosovo has proven to be successful so far.

Paper Media and Communications is staffed with public relations professionals who understand lawyers and the legal process. The team provides advice on the best way to manage media relations for clients involved in litigation and how to implement that advice because we believe that ‘out of court’ matters in any legal process. We work closely with lawyers from the outset and understand the need to balance the legal issues with the PR issues. We act both proactively to maximize any advantages that arise from the proceedings and defensively to minimize damage.