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KOSOVO, ready for you

Paper Communications has created a brand for the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Promotion Agency, used to promote Kosovo as a business destination for investment, exports and tourism. The newly created brand is unique and easily recognizable for the public in general and specifically for entrepreneurs, potential investors and tourists.

Paper has developed promotional materials, pictures and videos to promote Kosovo as an attractive environment for investments and visit, and has established a brand identity, to be applied to all the materials.

‘Ready for you’ portrays Kosovo as an inviting country which can enable anyone to achieve or experience anything. The sentence enables a variety of uses and can be tailored to each communication. It is meant to communicate the success of individuals, and invite others to create their own success. The campaign using this statement was planned to create testimonials of successful businessmen, travelers, or talented individuals, where they share their success story, and the story ends with the statement. This way, the statement becomes an invitation, by classifying the viewer in the same group as the people that just communicated their experience with Kosovo.

Additionally to this, the promotional materials and brochures and all other communication products, promote KIESA’s work as an agency.