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Supporting companies that target international markets

Professionalism and investments from companies that that guarantee quality in their goods , usually result in the production of high-quality products for a greater number of clients, as well as for international markets.

Therefore, determining the way of communication, strategy and positioning in the market are very important parts for each enterprise that aims to succeed.

Very often, the first step that companies make is their presentation and inauguration, at an event where everything is very well organized and in general looking very nicely done, where there attend many people, mainly potential clients and representatives and associates of interest groups. When it comes to these gatherings and events Paper Communications comes with classy ideas that are done in a very calm and smooth environment with the client.

On March 29, 2017, at the Genkor Furniture Factory in Llapnasellë and in the presence of many guests and representatives of local and international institutions, Toning Company made the inauguration of new factory investments at the event organized and conceived by Paper Communications.

Investments that imply a rise in quality and production capacity of products through modern technology and machinery will result in quality products and mobile products intended for the domestic and European market.