The Journal

New Media, Paper’s new specialty

New media and mobile entertainment are revolutionizing the way people learn about the world. Paper has built its internal capacities and has invested in professionalism so that each client has its place in all the new media platforms.

Our recent campaigns and strategies were well implemented and have targeted the recipients through the major present social media and have thus, empowered the message and have doubled the reach. Paper Media and Communications is currently running social media pages of a list of clients and is regularly updated based on the target needs and the needs of the client.

Our most recent online campaign #ReadyForTheWorld was widely discussed and spread all over Kosovo. The campaign has reached a large number of people as well as post clicks. It can be considered that the campaign has achieved its “viral” effect on social networks. The number of engagements: likes, comments and shares – had, also, reached a satisfied attention from the audience. In a small market such as Kosovo, we have managed to reach a total number of 712016 people.